First-Time U.S. Buyers

Why Invest in the U.S.?

The time is now to invest in U.S. real estate. Over the past five years, real estate prices in the U.S. have decreased dramatically. The U.S. has overtaken China to become the world’s largest real estate investment market.

First-time U.S. property investors can benefit from low interest rates and steady economic growth, both of which are set to improve U.S. real estate performance even further. Jobs are coming back and people are buying homes, which has stabilized the country’s housing market. Rental growth, in particular, is expected to perform strongly in 2015.

International investors have the opportunity to create passive income through U.S. property investments. Passive income properties can be passed down from generation to generation. Their investment values increase as the American dollar rebounds. Real estate has always been about location but it’s also very crucial to keep in mind the timing of your investments. For America, the time is now to buy and hold.

Florida, in particular, is leading the nation in cash-only home sales. South Florida has become a mecca for cash buyers looking to invest in a steadily growing economy.

For more information about first-time U.S. real estate investment, please contact Volare Realty.

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